Banking & Finance

KGS Tech Group’s banking practice continues to be an important business line, We partner with various Retail, Wholesale and commercial Banks, credit bureaus, card to enable them to Grow differentiate, and evolve in their market place.

KGS Tech Group’s banking group works with several leading and global banking brands. Many of these relationships are multi-year and multi-level. Our Engagements are around providing solutions around Core Banking, Lending & Leasing, Supply Chain Finance, Cards & Payments, Risk & Compliance, Customer Centricity etc. Our focus within these lines is to provide managed services, legacy modernization, Core Banking product evaluation, E2E Testing services, CBS and non CBS product practices, Business intelligence and analytics services within banking, Cards and allied application support, ATM mobility and customer centricity services to name a few.

Some of the Industry Solutions that we have developed include, Universal lending platforms , Payments Hub solutions, ProfinA, in partnership with EMC, the Corbiz platform focusing on the vendor dealer financing needs, our Automated data flow systems, Customer / Product analytics leveraging I -Decision, Risk Visualization on mobile, etc..
Global financial market has now shifted to new dimensions of financial activities that lead to new products and processes that include personalized segment to particularly cater the customized way of delivering financial need of the respective sectors of

  • Retail Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance Management
  • Consumer
  • Asset Management
  • Risk and Compliance

The whole lots of operations have made banking industry evolve as the most important and largely spread sector in modern commerce based society where each organization to individual have the bit of resource in this industry.