KGS’s Product Suite

Resource Management System (RMS)

Resource Management System (RMS) is a Web-based application that manages company resources—namely consulting professionals, clients and requirements-and provides the following major benefits:

  • Organizes the resumes of consultants based on skills or Groups
  • Organizes contacts of all sales mangers/executives.
  • Organizes the job requirements from salespeople and assigns recruiters
  • Submission of resumes to clients
  • Broadcasting Hotlists
  • Host of reporting options for sales managers
  • High-End Report generation for Management
  • Automated Quality Check

Temporary Staff Augmentation (TSA)

KGS’s Temporary Staff Augmentation (TSA) product is a comprehensive Web-based application for procurement organizations. It automates streamlines the processes associated with the sourcing, acquisition and management of their contingent labor force including consultants, contractors, or temporary staff from requisition generation to payment of vendors.

TSA provides clients with the following benefits:

  • Documented cost savings for procurement
  • Fully automated procurement business processes
  • Adherence to procurement policy and procedures
  • Cost containment due to decentralized spending
  • Multiple levels of vendor/sub-tier vendor administration
  • Real-time access to consultant spend and performance information
  • Generates job requirements from standardized templates online
  • Filters to standardize minimum required skill levels
  • Consistent candidate profile formats for streamlined review, comparison and interview routing

Employee Management System (EMS)

Employee Management System (EMS) is a web-based application that manages companies consulting employees, their projects, time sheets, billing, expenses, etc. It’s like ERP to the Consulting Firm.

EMS provides the following benefits:

  • Maintains employee information including project details and rate information
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Maintains employee time sheets: when approved, details are sent to QuickBooks
  • Reduces the time for invoice generation
  • Keeps track of employee vacations
  • Automatically generates employee payroll and once payroll is generated, it can lock, so that it cannot be altered again in future
  • Reporting includes Payroll, Sales Commission, Monthly Billing, Placement, Due Invoices Reports

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud based application that organize and enhance the way of blended online learning process. It’s a could based portal to Training providers and the trainees.

EMS provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic Training Scheduling
  • Maintains Trainees and instructor’s details
  • Real Time Review management
  • Easy sharing of documents, recordings and videos
  • Auto announcement, newsletters, event notification
  • Highly effective and easy customer support features
  • Assignment and case studies allocation and evaluation
  • Online self-assessment according to the difficulty level
  • High end reports to track and get maximize benefits out of the workforce.



  • RMS (Resource Management System)
  • TSA (Temporary Staff Augmentation)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • EMS (Employee Management System)


  • KGS Technology Group has leveraged its vast experience in IT consulting into products that greatly benefit any consulting company with ten to thousands of consultants on payroll
  • Outsourced services based on the product on monthly or yearly subscription