Data Analytics



Businesses that characterize themselves as data driven perform better on objective measures of financial and operational results. Effective organizations put information and the relevant decision rights in the same location. In the era of ‘Big Data’ having timely, relevant, actionable information can be a big challenge for most organizations. The value is not related to the quantity of data that can be downloaded, but in the capacity to process and analyze these data and transform them into valuable information.

KGS Technology Group’s Data Analytics can help organizations better understand the information contained in the data and identify the most important information for them. Data Analytics can define, create, collect, verify or transform big data into reporting, research, analyses, recommendations, optimizations, predictions, and automations. Data Analytics builds predictive algorithms that transform data collections into information that drives business decisions.

KGS’s Data Analytics is focused on 3 core criteria
1. Speed : Companies are creating more and more data in a very short time frame and can leverage these data only if they are processed and shared in real time. Rapid insight can provide a competitive advantage. Our Data Analytics consultants help define data strategies to optimize data processing to deliver the relevant information your organization needs quickly.

2. Variety: Big data takes many forms from structured databases to unstructured forms such as email, messages, posts to social media and opinion boards, websites, news sources and more. KGS mines structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. Data Analytics consultants help to normalize, aggregate and enrich these data so that they can be processed efficiently. Our huge storage and computation capacities enable our customers to store a large amount of historical data necessary to calibrate predictive models.

3. Relevance: With so much data being generated daily, most companies are ill equipped to store and process that data. And not all of it is relevant to your organization. Our Data Analytics can process large data sets for validity and trustworthiness, assessing the reliability of the source, to determine which data is relevant and can be analyzed. Isolated data provides little context; computed variables obtained by aggregating sets of data bring value to the predictive model.

Data Analytics delivers the information you need to drive future business decisions. Our Data Analytics consultants can help your organization identify the best possible variables and combinations to create the right value model.