Business Analytics

We ensure of providing thought leadership on analytics strategy and helping to embed analytics methodologies across the client’s respective landscapes. Working with new and existing clients helping them to define their Business Analytics strategy, which involves people, processes, data and technology.

Our responsibilities include

  • Help clients with their Analytics Strategy
  • Provide thought leadership on Analytics
  • Help clients to define the analytics strategy and roadmap.
  • Provide thought leadership and strategic direction on client engagements
  • Engage with clients to help drive Business Analytics Strategy across processes, data, people and technology
  • Identify revenue generating advisory and services opportunities within key accounts
  • Identify opportunities where we can help an organization grow and develop

Decision makers worldwide are under tremendous pressure to optimize their business operations, acquire new customers, and increase their market share, thereby driving long-term profitability. Business analytics is used for strategic decision making, enabling organizations to understand their customers, optimize operational cost, and improve business efficiency and competitiveness. The demand for regulatory compliance and transparency is high across sectors such as BFSI and healthcare. Enterprises in these sectors need to comply with regulatory norms such as Basel III and Solvency II. Business analytics outsourcing helps enterprises addresses such compliance requirements by increasing their transparency. The adoption of systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, and SFA by enterprises and the industrial Internet revolution have led to the generation of large volumes of data. Moreover, with the increased adoption of big data, the use of business analytics has also surged with a greater need to understand data. Data analytics tools and technologies help derive powerful insights and make efficient use of big data. This helps organizations make strategic decisions based on actionable insights for their business activities.